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Reverse engineering and analysis of a scareware
I finally decided to try this one. Ok I lied. I tried it like, 2 years ago but never finished it, so the time has come.
Seems like I got the Stockholm syndrome, because even thought I dislike Java (and I really mean it), I'm starting to enjoy reverse engineering it. That's a terrible perspective and I should fight it...
How i defeated the GraxCode's obfuscation and solved the crackme.
I was again lurking for sweet, sweet reverse engineering challenges and stumbled upon these, released by Battelle. They have a set of challenges - one for reverse engineering, one for shellcode...
Just recently I found this challenge released by Ceaser Creek Software - a Ohio based software security company. The challenge is designed as entry level "interview" for potentially new...
This is something I was planning for a long time. THIS ARTICLE IS A GIANT SPOILER! If you haven't completed the achievements already but plan to do it some day, you should stop reading it.
I was fiddling around with the application challenges of and it turned out the first few are compiled with REALbasic. Throwing in in IDA didn't help a lot, so here's an article...
The good old scaremongering threat, targeting the Bulgarian users has returned, and this time it's in brand new pants.
You know what's stupid in multiplayer games? Cheating. You know what's even worse? Selling cheat tools to assholes who cant play. So, in the next "few" lines, I'm about to take a look at a cheat...
From quite some time already I got interested in the art of electronics and more specifically into hardware reverse engineering. Since I'm mostly interested in the device's firmware, I have to deal...
I've started this article with the idea to throw some light on the latest malware obfuscation trends.
A stretchy, but full solution to a .NET CrackMe by Grzzlwmpf.
Solution to MaxXor's KeygenMe V6, including full list of valid serials and keygen source.
Here's how i defeated that challenge. The crackme is seems to be written in assembly language (MASM/FASM?) so the code is pretty clear. As usual I've loaded the EXE in ollydbg to take a quick look...
I'm continuing to play outdated games, and after completing Max Payne, I've remember about another first person shooter classic - Soldier of Fortune
While playing the first game of the series (the one released back in 1995) I've encountered a really annoying bug, when trying to unveil the fog of war in the map corners
I wanted to write this one, as a hint to everyone interested in cryptography and breaking into algorithms. It might not cover your current task, but at least you may get an idea for a exploit...
Ever tried to play old games on a nowadays machine without any problems? Well yesterday I was bored and decided to play "Battlefield 1942". After executing BF1942.exe the screen just blinked for a...
At the beginning of episode 5 from season 5, the scene where Wil Wheaton enters the shop, there is a large QR code on the seller's counter...
Few people already send me a samples of this one few weeks ago, so i decided it will become a nice material out of it.
So you like modding games, eh? Here's something for anyone interested in translating Zeit2. By default the game comes with the following languages included - English(Default), Spanish, Italian,...
After a week spent in analyzing, screenshooting, writing (and other things that i don't want to mention), i gladly present you this interesting material about defeating code obfuscation and "Lighty...
Ever wondered how to extract a SWF file from Adobe's Flash Projector? There is already both free and paid (LOL!) programs which should do the trick, but it's so easy that it doesn't worth the effort...
A few days ago while unpacking some VIS3 archives from the game "A New Beginning" I noticed that all of its PNG files were broken. And by broken I mean you can't view them nor edit them. Seems like...
Today I noticed that when you click on Torbutton with the left mouse button instead of starting the TOR support, a menu pops up - the same menu that you usually see when you click with the right...


Guest: XpoZed's Unpakke

Guest: XpoZed's Unpakke

Guest: im trying to mod JD too

Guest: i'mance 2017 mouDst ddiJng

Guest: hey

XpoZed: it's no longer beta, so look for upkk_bfs1.dll

Guest: Wherer can i get upkk_bfs1_beta.dll please?

Guest: upkk_bfs1_beta

XpoZed: ей така

Guest: kak se pi6e na kirilica ???/

Guest: chameleon admin

Guest: How can I get Unpakke 0.4 to work

Guest: I'm just trying to open a .bf file...

Guest: Can someone please tell me what modules are and where I can find them?

Guest: у

XpoZed: "Cannot Load Module". Make sure you are not trying to use new modules with the old Unpakke

Guest: Hi! What does mean UPKK!CLM

XpoZed: more details? what unpakke version are you using and which module you are trying to use

Guest: Here

Guest: no modules

Guest: no modules

XpoZed: click on "API Reference" under the download link

Guest: where is the user manual

Guest: If you need it for Just Dance pictures have extensions *.png.ckd and *.tga.ckd and can't be packed and unpacked with Ubisoft IPK module

XpoZed: do you have zlib1.dll in your /lib folder?

Guest: I did that and the filesize remains the same. nothing was compressed

XpoZed: open the unpakke.ini file that comes with the module and add the extensions you want to get compressed to the "compress" array

Guest: Hi! I'm using the Ubisoft IPK module, I was wondering if there is a way when packing to compress textures?

Guest: GoDaddy are same shit..

XpoZed: nah, QuickBMS is pretty good for what it's designed for ;)

Guest: Xpozed, you are a saint. Fuck QuickBMS, this is better in every way, shape, and form.

Guest: But I'm trying to do it.

Guest: No, this is just tool to do so.

Guest: Are people here trying to mod Just Dance?

Guest: Are people here trying to mod Just Dance?

Guest: Are people here trying to mod Just Dance?

Guest: Are people here trying to mod Just Dance?

XpoZed: you are quite possibly doing something wrong in the unpacking/packing process

Guest: hyeee

Guest: Hey XpoZed, I'm using you're Ubisoft IPK module. It works, but when I pack new IPK and test it in Just Dance there is no feedback nor pictos. I just extracted it and repacked it without changing any files.

XpoZed: the files i wasn't able to resolve were never been used in a normal playthrough, so they might be leftovers by the developers

Guest: XpoZed, I think i read that there are still some files that you do not unpack with path/name. How difficult would it be for me to use the game files I have to fill in the gapsto unpack with all files named?

Guest: ha just saw your beer reference

Guest: XpoZed, sweet the correct zlib1.dll fixed both issues. Love you man but youstill cannot have my beer.

XpoZed: As for the second question (that i guess is from a different guy) there should be a filename database in the module archive. You need to update your unpakke.ini to enable the filename database that will fix the filenames. Overall - read the readme.txt that comes with Mad Max module.

XpoZed: I've updated the zlib1.dll link so you can now directly download it

Guest: I got the x86 latest and renamed it which lets unpakke run and unpack the tab/arc files if I select the arc file. the result however are hash named files of little use. My reason for attempting to look through the game files is create a comprehensive list of encounter and mission information to be used towards acheiving a 100 percent game compltion. Hmmm OCD.

Guest: XpoZed thanks for the response. Is there an actual link to a file name zlib1.dill at Sorry for being newbish but I cannot see it.

XpoZed: as for zlib1.dll, it's available for download from zlib's official site

XpoZed: the unpakke version specified in the table is "minimum" version, so using the current one will work

Guest: Other guest this is guest. Where did you find an actual library named zlib1.dll?

Guest: My other question regards the library zlib1.dll. Which version exactly is that and do I need to rename it. The linked page does not have a zlib1.1 link that I can find.

Guest: Hello, I just begun messing with unpacking Mad Max and need to verify the correct version of unpakke. The table of supported games specifies 1.1 but there is not link for that version.

Guest: Hello XpoZed and thanks for this great tool. I'm trying to unpack the Mad Max files and Unpakke creates proper folder and file structure, however if I open any of the files in notepad++, all files are full of "NULLs". Am I doing something wrong? I put the Mad Max module (avalanche.umod and other files) inside the modules folder, updated the ini file, and also put ZLIB1.DLL inside libs folder.

Guest: Can you create new files with Unpakke

Guest: reeee

Guest: Do you think you can help me?

Guest: Hello, so i tried to unpack the .vis file of Anna's Quest, and it worked, but I couldn't find any text file. I'm trying to translate the game in Bulgarian.

Guest: There have hackers?

Guest: where to put modules?

Guest: nevermind i think i found where to download these

Guest: Hello, i'm looking for a mod that helps me unpack .vis files

Guest: :(

Guest: i need help

Guest: hi

Guest: Hello?

Guest: Thank you

XpoZed: check file extensions, google it, you know - do a basic research

Guest: How to check engine?

XpoZed: since the game is not listed in the supported games list, your best bet would be to check what engine it uses and use a matching module

Guest: Umm... What "umod" need to "The Adventures of Tintin"?

Guest: FBQ

Guest: ты обкаколся

Guest: ge

Guest: ge

Guest: ge

Guest: Hi how i can open file type vbf ?

XpoZed: from zlib's official website and many other places?

Guest: Where can I download zlib1.dll?

Guest: gg

Guest: Hi

Guest: 68cf1000

Guest: deponia

Guest: how to opemn .bf files ?

Guest: <script>alert("XSS fail!");</script>

Guest: is there a way to replace only the files i want to and not to replace other files

Guest: v

Guest: repack

Guest: Rayman legends

Guest: MiniPro

Guest: XpoZed, you're a fucking autistic faggot. Go back to /r9k/ or get a life plspls.

Guest: cancer

Guest: <sarc> nice website </sarc>

Guest: line up the blowjobs

Guest: ping -l 65510

Guest: ping -l 65510

Guest: c:concon ath0++

Guest: You love cock

Guest: hi

XpoZed: Since this chatbox will soon be removed, you should consider joining the Discord!


As you may have already noticed, I made a few changes on the site.
Before anything else and to keep it clean from the beginning, be sure to read the "terms and rules" of the site (there's a link down there). So, whats new?
The look obviously, made by me in 2 days and the design skills of a sea snail. You either like it or hate it - I really don't care. If you like it however, you can still buy me a beer...
You can now register an account on the site. Thats the only way to use a nickname on the chatbox or comment boxes. Otherwise, you will appear as "Guest". Ofcourse thats not the only reason you should consider registering. In the near future I am going to add a message board for better communication and few challenging additions, so it's up to you.
The old shoutbox is now transformed into chatbox. Use it wisely, and don't type BBCode in it, or you may get automatically banned.

I think that's all that's interesting to mention here.

Now have a nice time at
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