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Few months ago I'd have to send a malware sample to a friend through Gmail, and realized that it's not that easy. Not only Gmail prohibits transferring executables as attachments, but it also AV scan them. So the only working way i tough at the time, was to RAR the malware sample with password and encryption. That's good, but i still have a bucket of malware samples on my disk, that i don't want to accidentally execute while I'm drunk or in moments of madness (oh, yeah), so i need a way to securely store the samples, so the AV wont detect them.
So what does CCEX do? It will "froze" any file in encoded format, so AV wont detect it, and the user cannot start it until its "melted". Therefore CCEX stands for "Cryogen Container for EXEcutables".
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First release 24 Oct, 2011
Not so cute, but still, working as it should.
Version: 0.1
Size: 8.03KB (12.0KB)
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