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Forum » Unpakke » Deponia The Complete Journey problem extract cxml with texts of game

raulpuro created: 21 Oct, 2014 / 02:59; edited: 21 Oct, 2014 / 14:08

Sorry to bother you again, well I need .cxml file, for translate the game text. I used your awesome program and changing "magic =" with "magic = ce374042a0c24e0d" (this is the key Deponia The Complete Journey) and I extracted the files, * png and * ogg, I could only extract those extensions.

The version Deponia The Complete Journey contains 4 files * .vis

data.vis (I think it contains sounds, images ... for this version)
data1.vis (I think that contains the files of the first game of the series)
data2.vis (I think that contains the files of the second game of the series)
data3.vis (I think that contains the files of the third game in the series).

With your program I have extracted all the files * .vis smoothly but in none is the cxml file.

I think the file should cxml find in the data.vis file because this unzipped file takes up less space.

I uploaded to mediafire the data.vis files, if you have time to look and see if the program does not extract properly cxml text file, or simply does not exist but no exist, Where do you can be?.

A greeting and thanks for your time.
XpoZed created: 21 Oct, 2014 / 16:31
It appears there's no XMLs anymore. However, if you take a closer look, all of the archives holds an strangely large OGG file, like in data2.vis - 00002626.ogg. If you check it through the HEX editor, you will see it starts with "BIN" header, and it appears it doesn't hold any audio data.

So, the authors might started to hide their strings after all... :)

Good luck!
raulpuro created: 22 Oct, 2014 / 14:24

It is true, all files * .vis contain a suspicious ogg file but it is too complicated for me.
Thanks a lot for bothering to look at the files.

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